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You Oughta Know about Kahoot.

We had a faculty meeting a few weeks ago (maybe more than a month) and were introduced to Kahoot. I wasn’t that interested, as I’m usually not during a faculty meeting.

However, I went back a week or two later and played around on it. It is seriously fun once you get the hang of it. This would be extremely easy to implement in the upper grades. We are blessed to be a 1:1 school. I have enough iPads in my classroom for my students. This is the case for K-2. 3 and up all have Macs for each student (they can take these home).

Kahoot is awesome because you can quickly quiz your students like you had clickers in your room without the need for clickers. All you need is a device for each student, something to project the questions with and your computer.

Here’s how it works.

Go to or just google Kahoot. Create an account.


You can either create quizzes or find one. Just a tip, go through the entire quiz before you present it to your kiddos. Just a bit of warning. They are EXTREMELY easy to make. Have your questions thought out and pretty much all you do is type your questions and answers.


I was just curious and searched for kindergarten addition. It comes to this screen after you select a quiz. Click Launch.


This is the screen that shows the pin. Your students will have to open up a browser and head to They will type in a pin and then their name (OR a number if you have class numbers).


I entered my name as KB. Everyone will show up here with their name/number. When you are ready, click start now.
This is what your student’s will see on their device. On the projector, they will see the question. In my case, I would read the question.



They have to find the answer next to the shape and touch/click that shape on their device.

If more than one person was playing, it would show the number of each answer.


How much fun would this be? This could even be played in small group if you had a small number of devices. Super easy to login and super quick. Once they get the hang of it, they’d wiz through these and you’ll have a quick assessment of the progress and understanding in your classroom.



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  1. Girl, I am totally obsessed with Kahoot! My kids literally beg me on a daily basis to use Kahoot. We use it to review lessons or to get ready for tests. Such a great resource. Thanks for joining in on another YON blog hop and I hope to have you on board for more in the future 🙂

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

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