Using Technology in Kindergarten

Technology is one of my absolute favorite things in the classroom. I try not to overdo it because they shouldn’t be dependent on technology. So, today I’m super stoked to bring you THREE simple ways to integrate technology in the classroom.

Integrating technology in the primary gradesInteractive PowerPoints

This is one of the simplest ways to incorporate a form of technology and possibly another piece of technology if you have the tools. If not, you are able to use non-technology tools. All you need is Powerpoint for this to work!

My kids have LOVED every second of working with interactive PowerPoints. We use them in math and in reading. A teacher on Instagram (@chitownteacher) sent me this picture of her class working on an interactive powerpoint. This particular one has students to write the beginning sound in the secret pictures. Once they have the letters, the word is revealed one letter at a time. We use this same method to practice our sight words, phonics skills and MORE! What’s the super fun part about it? We use the Doodle Buddy app to write our words. There is something about that app that is WAY more exciting for them. We do switch it up and use whiteboards, but they really prefer this way. Her class used white boards with dry erase markers and that is another option if you don’t have enough tech.

Timed PowerPoints with Technology Help

This is also one of my FAVES! I especially love this when I have a doctor’s appointment or a meeting and have a sub in my classroom. My reading block runs on a powerpoint and works like clockwork. It keeps me on track to what we should be doing.

Creating technology timed lessons with PowerPoint

Under certain slides, I’ve set them to a timed transition. You can do this under the Transitions menu. Just change the time (add a sound if you’d like). I add a YEE-HAW sound. This signals that we need to clean up and then they move to their next Daily 5. It work FLAWLESSLY. I keep my group that I have for about 2 more minutes while everyone is cleaning up. That normal wasted time isn’t wasted anymore because we keep working. We are usually finishing up our book/story right at the end.

Technology as Digital Portfolios

I know some schools do not allow teachers to add apps. In this case, you’re actually in luck! If you aren’t allowed to add your own apps, you can STILL use any number of iPads in your room as a digital portfolio. Allow your students to use something with their name on it. In the past, I used a laminated picture of them and their name. They took their “license/id” and placed it by their work. Then, they grabbed an iPad and took a picture of their work. Later, I moved their pictures into folders with all of their work. Super easy!

This way, I still know who’s work belonged to who and the only thing I had to do was make a card with their name and picture on it. I used their folder of pictures to use during conferences. I didn’t have to keep as many hard copies of work as I’ve had to in the past.

Using technology in kindergarten

Now, that I consistently use Seesaw as my Digital Portfolio, that is another option. It is a FREE app that allows yours students to respond to work, record (anything you want – reading, counting, spelling, saying letters), complete activities that you assign and so much more! I love Seesaw because parents can connect with your classroom and see all of their child’s work. The best part is that they can also comment and/or like what they submit.

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