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The See it. Write it. Stash is a monthly subscription. My goal is to provide teachers with zero prep tools that students can use to review previously taught skills. These are perfect for centers, small group games, morning work, end of the lesson practice and more. Students can use whiteboards with dry erase markers, dry erase markers to write on their desks/tables or our favorite way, with devices. We use the Doodle Buddy app on iPads and the ShowMe app (or similar) on Tablets to write and erase our answers. It saves a lot of time and resources by using the devices.

Choose from different timings on the PowerPoints to help meet the needs of your students.

These PowerPoints that are included this month are NOT available in any of my stores right now. They may be available in the future. The PowerPoints that are included in The Stash are exclusive to this membership ONLY. If you have questions about what is included, feel free to use the Contact form.

What’s included for January so far? New PowerPoints will be added by the end of the day on Saturdays.

Please note the images below are not links – just a preview of what’s included in The Stash this month.