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Welcome to The Reading Stash! At the beginning of each month, I’ll add all 4 Reading resources. Just be sure to download before the end of the month.

Each resource will come with three versions.

Automatic: The automatic plays automatically. You need to open your PowerPoint in Slideshow mode. Then, click the first slide to begin. 

Timed Set: The 12 second/15 second PowerPoints are just that – 12 or 15 seconds long and then this stops on the answer. It does NOT automatically continue throughout the entire PowerPoint. You will have to click to go to the next slide after each answer.

Manual: The manual PowerPoint only automatically go through the intro slides (Ready, Set, Go). The rest of the slides will need to be manually clicked to move to the next slides.

Click the version that you’d like to download. If you’d like to download all, click each.

Fix It Series! Fry First List – Set 1 

(Automatic | Timed Stop | Manual | Video Link)

Fix It Series! Fry Second List – Set 1 

(Automatic | Timed Stop | Manual | Video Link)

Beginning L Blends 

(Automatic | Timed Stop | Manual)

Beginning Sounds 3 

(Automatic | Timed Stop | Manual)