Questioning Tips for Math Time in the Classroom

Asking questions in math for kindergarten can sometimes become repetitive. How many ways can you ask, “How many do you have?” in question form? Grab these questioning tips for math time in the classroom to help you flow through your whole group and small group times.

Questioning tips for math time

When I introduce a new math topic or try to review a skill I’ve taught, I try to be aware of what I’m asking my students. Sometimes the same simple questions pop into my head and I cannot think of anything else to ask. Creating a questioning ring (I love adding everything to a ring with a hole punch) for any time of the day is one of the best things I did to help with asking questions. I have my ring either at my small group table or by my chair while the students are on the rug. I can quickly flip through the ring while my students are either thinking of an answer or while one of them are actually answering a question.

Questioning tips for counting groups

When students are counting sets of objects, most of the time we ask how many did you count. You can also ask “How did you count?”

“Did you recount?”

“How did you record your answer?”

“How do you know your answer is the right answer?”

“Sort your collection by color. How many sets do you have?”

Questions for teaching counting

“Did you skip count when writing? If yes, tell me what pattern you used.”

“Did you notice a pattern when you counted?”

Questioning tips for counting

“Can you draw a picture that matches your thinking?”

Questions for teaching shapes

“How many sides do you see?”

“Is it a 2D or 3D shape? How do you know?”

“What is the name of this shape?”

“Find something that looks like this shape.”

There are so many more ways to question students during math time, but these are some quick ideas to help with questioning during math. Want it all in one place? Grab the free printable questions list below or click here.

Questioning tips for math in the classroom

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