Word Wall Freebie


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These word wall headers are the perfect addition to your primary classroom word wall or writing area. The beautiful watercolor decor added to them will perfectly pair with lighter tone classroom decor. Simply print, cut, and laminate each of the kidlettes. There is a diverse selection of kidlettes included. The letters are as shown on the cover. I’ve also included kidlettes for Ch, ch, Ll, ll, Nn, rr.

I updated this file to include three additional letters with disabled kiddos that you can substitute if you’ve already printed these off. This set also includes just the circles.

These letters coordinate with my Watercolors Classroom Decor set that can be found here.

This freebie will NOT be customized or updated unless there is an error. If you’re looking for white word wall letters, you can find them here. If you’re looking for the black word wall letters, they are here.

Thanks so much and enjoy!


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