Who Hid the Key to my Heart – Number Rec, CVC Words, and Alpha Cards


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This fun, simple and ENGAGING game will have your students working on their number recognition, reading cvc words, and recognizing letters names/sounds without even realizing it!

The number portion goes to 100 by 10’s and up to 30 by 1’s. Choose the selected cards and place them in a pocket chart. Make the children turn around and hide the heart. They have to guess the number that the heart is behind.

Use the cvc cards and letters the same way. However, you can have your students make the sounds for the letter cards if you want them to practice their letter sounds. The number cards, cvc cards, and alphabet cards can be used with hiding them. Allow your students to put the numbers and letters in order and read the cvc words with a friend.

This brings so many laughs, cheers, and SMILES to their faces.


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