Whistle for Willie – Kindergarten Interactive Read Aloud



Create engaged learners with this read aloud book companion. Discuss the difference between problem and solution.. Your students will listen to a story about perseverance with Whistle for Willie.
We have created this low prep read aloud activity for you to save time each week! Print your book’s lesson plans, anchor chart headers, anchor chart pieces, student literacy response sheets and your skill assessment in a snap. You can also project the vocabulary and the building background photographs to your students on your whiteboard. You do need to purchase Whistle for Willie, separately. (Book not included)
The focus for the book is to introduce problem and solution to your students. You can create anchor charts to cover the topic. You can also use the provided activities as a whole group activity on chart paper. You can practice learning problem and solution in a fun, meaningful and facilitated way.
What’s included:
  • Whistle for WIllie Lesson Plans for 1 Week
  • Appetizer Photo (Introduces theme and topic)
  • Vocabulary
  • 4 Days of Student Response Pages
  • Perseverance Writing Templates
  • Anchor Chart Pieces
  • Anchor Chart Headers
  • Skill Assessment for the Story


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