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Have you been wanting to have technology center or technology rotations in your primary classroom, but not sure where to start? Totally Tech in Primary is made by a primary teacher FOR primary teachers. This is a self-paced workshop styled course to help you learn how to use the latest technology apps and devices in your primary classroom.

This COURSE opens on July 8th. The pre-sale purchase price is good until July 4th when it goes up to $67.


  • Course Guide
  • Google Keep Templates
  • Whole Group Presentation Template
  • Small Group Presentation Template
  • See it Write it PowerPoint Game
  • Game for Google Slides
  • Click Click Go! PowerPoint Game
  • Small Group Click & Add Template
  • Countdown PowerPoint Template
  • iPad Numbered Wallpapers
  • Digital Reward PowerPoint
  • Certificate of Completion

In this workshop, we will cover:

Getting Started: This lesson will include all of the organization and management ideas to help get your tech in order. I’ll also cover some of my most used resources.

Whole Group: This lesson covers creating your own presentations for whole group to my favorite whole group games. I’ll teach you exactly what to exact for each.

Small Group: This lesson is JAM-PACKED with ideas for implementing tech in centers, using digital portfolios, creating your small group presentations and more!

Using “It”: Ready to app smash? I’ll teach you my favorite ways to app smash, give you a list of my favorite apps plus some of the coolest tech devices out.

Let’s Create: During this lesson, you’ll do all the creating! Grab my list of ideas for your grade level or choose one that you’ve though of – then create it!

BONUSES: This lesson will be all of the extras that you will want to download.

Also included:

  • Lesson Notes in Course Guide
  • Whole Group Download Checklist
  • Small Group Download Checklist
  • Small Group Ideas
  • Tech Devices List
  • Apps List
  • Web and Software Ideas
  • Grant Ideas
  • App Smashing Ideas
  • Tech Implementation Schedule

Workshop Outline

  • Welcome
  • Welcome and About
  • Course Guide

Lesson 1: Getting Started

  • Housekeeping
  • Organization
  • Management
  • Routines
  • Resources
  • Actionable Step

Lesson 2: Whole Group

  • Whole Group Games
  • Streamline Your Day

Lesson 3: Small Group

  • Center Ideas
  • Digital Portfolio
  • Intervention/Small Group Tech
  • Assessments and Notetaking
  • QR Codes
  • Actionable Step

Lesson 4: Using It

  • Tech Devices
  • App Smashing
  • Favorite Apps
  • Actionable Step
  • Grant Ideas

Lesson 5: Let’s Create

  • Creating an Activity


  • Countdowns with PowerPoint
  • Classroom Management with Tech

This is a LIFETIME access purchase. What does that mean? You will have access to this course forever. This will be updated at least once yearly to give you the newest tip, tricks and ideas for implementing technology into your classroom. All new updates and downloads will come to you at no cost. They will be automatically added to your course library.

This purchase will REQUIRE you to create a different account to access the course. The link is in your download after purchasing.

Please note: THIS HAS A 7-DAY RETURN POLICY. If it is downloaded, there is NO returns.

TERMS OF USE: This is a single use license and may be used by the purchaser only. You may not share or give the code to your account to anyone else. The videos, downloads and content of this course may not be redistributed or uploaded online. Do not upload to school shared accounts, personal online accounts that are shared with others or share in emails.

Totally Tech in Primary is not affiliated with the companies mentioned in the tutorials/videos.


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