The Ultimate Calendar Journal Packet


Total Pages: 91
File Size: 32 MB



Updated until June 2020.

This packet is FULL of resources to allow your kids to work on reinforcing calendar skills that you can use to help make your calendar time useful and meaningful. This packet contain over 90 pages!

– blank calendar
– traceable calendar
– calendar journal binder covers (full page and 4/page for labels – mod podge or glue to a folder)
– days in school graph (blank and traceable with various numbers)
– tally mark sheet
– weather graph
– weather calculations graph
– date addition
– daily number activities (odd/even; hundreds, tens, ones place; number word practice; money form)
– alphabet chart
– number counting page (front/back to 20)
– colors page
– months and days of the week sheet

Also, if you would like anything added, just drop me an email! I’d be happy to add anything you needed to make this more applicable to everyday situations in your classroom. 🙂


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