SoR Aligned Bundle with Decodable Text, Task Cards, Independent Sheets and Alphabet Writing Practice



This is a SPECIAL bundle. It includes:

  • Decodable Reading Passages and Questions Word Family Short Vowel
  • Science of Reading Decodable Phonics Worksheets and Sentence Dictation Paper
  • CVC Word Practice Activities Game Task Cards for Decoding, Matching, and Blending
  • Alphabet Writing Practice Pages

What’s included?

  • 27-word family passages
  • ab, ad, ag, am, an, ap, at, ed, eg, en, et, id, ig, im, in, ip, it, ob, og, op, ot, ox, ub, ug, um, un, ut
  • 26 uppercase-focused alphabet tracing page
    26 lowercase focused alphabet tracing page
    26 uppercase and lowercase letter writing pages with beginning sounds
    26 uppercase and lowercase letter writing pages with large picture

★ Alphabet sets currently included: ★

  • I Spy Short Vowel and Consonants (26 pages)

★ CVC sets currently included: ★

  • CVC Write the word (10 pages)
  • CVC Say. Tap. Map. Spell. (60 words in 2 sizes | 75 total)
  • CVC Match the Word (10 pages)
  • CVC Match the Picture (10 pages)
  • CVC Short Vowel Find and Cover (5 pages)
  • CVC Build a Word (10 pages)
  • CVC Let’s Blend – Continuous Blending Mats (25 pages)
  • CVC Blend and Find (20 pages)
  • CVC Read, Map and Draw (12 pages)
  • CVC Read and Draw it (20 pages)
  • CVC Map it (25 pages)
  • CVC Blend it (20 pages)
  • CVC Graph and Write (15 pages)

★ Silent e sets currently included: ★

  • Vowel sort (13 sorts, 26 pages total)

★ Digraph sets currently included: ★

  • Spin and write (4 pages)

★ Extra sheets currently included: ★

Dictation pages for 3 and 4-letter words (7 pages)

Dictation pages with Sound, Word and Sentences (10 pages)

Task card bundle:

  • Matching Magic: Explore CVC picture cards, CVC word picture match activities, and clip card matching, all designed to reinforce CVC word recognition.
  • Write & Reveal: Unleash creativity with write the room activities, picture encoding practice with CVC words with pictures, and secret CVC word decoding challenges.
  • Hands-on Learning: Build CVC words with play dough, unscramble words on engaging task cards, and utilize manipulatives for sound mapping activities.
  • Multi-Sensory Fun: Incorporate dry-erase markers, colorful cards, manipulatives, and even wireless keyboards (optional) to create a dynamic learning experience.
  • Fluency Fun: Integrate roll and read CVC words activities for additional practice.
  • Tracing Triumphs: Enhance fine motor skills and letter recognition with tracing CVC word activities.

Activities included:

  1. Trace it
  2. Final Missing Sound
  3. Let’s Map it
  4. Unscramble it
  5. Write it
  6. Clip it
  7. Fluency Drills
  8. Read it Find it
  9. Pop it
  10. Blend and Match
  11. Read Map Write
  12. Puzzler
  13. Match up Cards
  14. Type it
  15. Roll and Read
  16. Flip it Fluency
  17. Build it Dough
  18. Successive Blending
  19. Write the Room
  20. Mystery Words

Each Set Included:

  • Features vibrant pictures and clear, easy-to-read fonts.
  • Includes a cover photo for a dedicated task box.
  • Provides easy-to-follow instructions for each activity.

What You’ll Need (not included):

  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Erasers
  • Play Dough (for specific activities)
  • Manipulatives (counters, mini erasers, etc.)
  • Wireless keyboards (optional)
  • Clip Clothespins (for specific activities)
  • Pencils or Crayons (for specific activities)


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