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This digital calendar for Seesaw is perfect for an activity in the classroom or for distance learning. Your virtual lessons will be so much easier to assign with the click of a button. This activity will be added to your Seesaw library and ready to assign to students. This calendar is for the month of September.


Students will:

  • Complete the calendar by adding the numbers
  • Fill in how they’re feeling for the day
  • Complete (Today is, Yesterday was, Tomorrow will be) – includes 2 options
  • Number of the Day (Draw it, Build it on Ten Frame, Counting up from, Counting Down From) – You will fill in the number each day.
  • Weather, Season and Temperature
  • Days in School (Draw dots in ten frame and write the number)
  • Pattern – includes 2 options. – You will create the patterns each day. They will draw/finish it.


Editing this activity: You can edit this activity before assigning it to your students. You can add voice instructions as well as edit the directions that I created.


You need a Seesaw account to use this as described. The links that will be included will add the activities directly to your Seesaw library. Create your account before purchasing.


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