Seasons and Weather Unit Interactive Notebook


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Seasons and weather units are always a blast! With this interactive notebook for kindergarten or first grade, your students will be able to keep track of what they learned. Their notebook will become a resource that can be used over and over again to review what they’ve learned.

This resource includes over 50 pages of pure activities to help your students show what they’re learning, write out their learning, and improve upon what they think they already know. I’ve included enough opportunities to cover at least a two week teaching period. I have made it very kinder friendly and made the pieces large enough for their little hands to cut. Every line that needs to be cut is a large dotted line to keep things simple.

This unit includes a How-To page with every activity. This way, you will be able to see how and why I included each activity.


Journal Covers
– 7 covers to choose from

Science Tools Pocket
– Pocket to hold incomplete pieces

Weather Observation Graph
– Graph the weather {sunny, windy, stormy, rainy, partly cloudy, snowy, cloudy}

My Favorite Weather Survey
– Students can survey friends to find favorite weather

KWL Flap
– Blank header to focus on current learning topic
– KWL Flap to jot down learning

Tree Maps
– Meteorologists {study, are, can, help}
– Have, can, look {Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Rainy skies, Cloudy skies, Windy skies, Foggy skies, Sunny skies, Snowy skies, Types of Clouds}

Weather Vocabulary (word header, definition, picture}
{Meteorologist, Anemometer, Weather Vane, Rain Gauge, Thermometer, Windsock, Tornado, Fog, Hurricane, Snow, Thunderstorm, Rain, Cloud, Lightning, Types of Clouds}

Vocabulary Flaps
– {Meteorologist, Anemometer, Weather Vane, Rain Gauge, Thermometer, Windsock, Tornado, Fog, Hurricane, Snow, Thunderstorm, Rain, Cloud, Lightning, Barograph, Digital Thermometer, Barometer, Weather Balloon, Digital Barograph}

Match Word to picture(s) flaps
– One or two pictures to sort under the correct word flap

Order of the Seasons
– seasonal words, arrows and numbers to order the seasons

Seasonal Clothing Sort
– Seasonal Word Pockets
– Seasonal Clothing

Seasonal Activities Sort
– Seasonal Word Pockets
– Seasonal Activities

Season Activity Writing/Drawing Flaps
– Seasonal Word Flaps
– Blank flaps for drawing or writing activities that can be found in that season

Seasonal Trees
– Seasonal blank flaps for drawing each tree

Things we use in each season
– Rainy, Stormy, Sunny, and Sunny flaps
– Blank flaps to draw/write objects that we use in each type of weather

Seasonal Colors
– Color blots to for students to color in the type of colors found in each season

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