Science of Reading Decodables Phonics Worksheets and Sentence Dictation Paper

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Tired of pulling phonics worksheets from here and there? Do your students need easy-to-use phonics sheets to practice the skills you have taught? These Science of Reading aligned phonics sheets give your new readers easy and quick practice for each skill. Your students will be able to practice reading skill-based words with minimal prep.

This is an endless phonics bundle. New sets will be added at later dates at no extra cost to you.

These SOR aligned worksheets are:

  • No prep
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Great for practicing and reviewing

★ Alphabet sets currently included: ★

  • I Spy Short Vowel and Consonants (26 pages)

★ CVC sets currently included: ★

  • CVC Write the word (10 pages)
  • CVC Say. Tap. Map. Spell. (60 words in 2 sizes | 75 total)
  • CVC Match the Word (10 pages)
  • CVC Match the Picture (10 pages)
  • CVC Short Vowel Find and Cover (5 pages)
  • CVC Build a Word (10 pages)
  • CVC Let’s Blend – Continuous Blending Mats (25 pages)
  • CVC Blend and Find (20 pages)
  • CVC Read, Map and Draw (12 pages)
  • CVC Read and Draw it (20 pages)
  • CVC Map it (25 pages)
  • CVC Blend it (20 pages)
  • CVC Graph and Write (15 pages)

★ Silent e sets currently included: ★

  • Vowel sort (13 sorts, 26 pages total)

★ Digraph sets currently included: ★

  • Spin and write (4 pages)

★ Extra sheets currently included: ★

Dictation pages for 3 and 4-letter words (7 pages)

Dictation pages with Sound, Word and Sentences (10 pages)

What skills will be added? These will have multiple activities for each skill.

  • Silent e | Long Vowels
  • Digraphs
  • Double Final Consonants
  • Beginning Blends
  • Final Blends
  • Vowel Teams
  • R-Controlled Vowels

Students will be able to:

  • Map words (Orthographic mapping)
  • Read cvc words
  • Read cvce words
  • Read words with blends
  • Read words with digraphs
  • Blend words with specific targeted skills
  • Build words with specific targeted skills
  • Match pictures to words and words to pictures
  • Sort words by vowel sounds

Classroom Use:

These phonic skill-based worksheets can be used for morning work, reading centers, reading intervention, independent practice time, or anything else you need.

My favorite way to use these phonics practice pages is to copy them in the order that I teach and bind them in a book. Now, your students can just flip to the next page.


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