Phonics: Word Building


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Phonics activities are essential to early learning for a child. It’s important to set a routine in your classroom that explores quick and easy practice with phonics and phonemic awareness. I created this set of words, word building mats and picture cards to help save time during my small group time.

This set is specific to building words. There are 132 cards. Each card also has a matching page where you can print the names of the images on the back. This is essential in saving time when showing students cards during your limited small group time. I flip through the words before my small group time and pull the ones that I need. Then, I can quickly show them to my students without looking at the front of the word. This will also help you identify the picture since sometimes it’s hard to recognize a particular clip art.

There is also a mat of words to help when you can’t think of words. There is 46 lists included. They include short vowels, silent e, final digraphs, and initial digraphs. Your students will be able to practice building these words during the weeks you’ve introduced the skill or as you’re reviewing or reteaching a skill.

– 132 picture cards (words can be printed on the back)
– 46 word lists
– letter tiles including digraphs
– 3 word building mats
– Routine sheet for word building


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