Ocean Unit: Interactive Notebook


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This ocean interactive notebook combines the perfect balance of new learning material and ocean activities to show what was taught. Students will be able to go back and refer to the learning they’ve documented in their interactive notebooks with this ocean and ocean animals resource.

The eleventh in this series has been a hit in my classroom. This resource includes 9 basic activities. Some of these activities have multiple uses that you can use over and over again. These activities will help your students show what they’re learning, help to write out their learning, and help improve upon what they think they already know. I’ve included enough opportunities to cover a two week teaching period. I have made it very kinder friendly and made the pieces large enough for their little hands to cut. I’ve included previews of each activity before the printables so you can see an option of how it can look. However, these are fairly open activities that can be changed to fit the need of your classroom.

This unit includes a How-To page with every activity. This way, you will be able to see how and why I included each activity.


Journal Covers
– 7 covers to choose from

Science Tools Pocket
– Pocket to hold incomplete pieces

Tree Maps
– The Ocean
– Whales
– Sharks
– Octopus
– Jellyfish
– Squid
– Crab
– Sea lions
– Sea urchins
– Barnacle
– Clan
– Conch
– Coral
– Dolphin
– Fish
– Eel
– Seals
– Lobster
– Manatee
– Narwhals
– Seahorse
– Walrus

6 Characteristics of Flap
– Students can write all the characteristics/facts of:
– The Ocean
– Blank included

Ocean Layers Flap
– Two versions included

Animal Facts/Characteristics 6 Flap
– 24 animals/ocean life included
– Blank 6 flap included

The ocean view
– Students will color and glue images to create an ocean

4 Characteristics of Flap
– Students can write all the characteristics/facts of:
– Starfish, Whales, Sharks, Dolphins, Octopuses, Jellyfish, Turtle, Seahorses
– Blank included

KWL Flap
– Blank header to focus on current learning topic
– KWL Flap to jot down learning

Live in the ocean/does not live in the ocean sort
– Pictures are provided and students will sort them

True/False flap
– 1 six flap

Bubble Maps
– Created maps {Ocean Facts and 7 animals facts with image}

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