Number Sense & Letter Recognition – Find That Santa


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Are you working on number sense or letter recognition in kindergarten? Do you want to practice comparing numbers? My students love looking for Santa behind the uppercase and lowercase letters or a set of numbers that I place in the pocket chart.

This resource goes to 100 and includes both uppercase and lowercase letters. Choose the selected cards and place them in a pocket chart. Make the children turn around and hide the Santa (gift and Gingerbread man also included). They have to guess the number that Santa is behind. I usually ask them to use a complete sentence such as “I think Santa is behind the letter/number…” This helps them with speaking in complete sentences.

If you’re working on comparing numbers, you can prep pairs of numbers. Then, put Santa behind one of the numbers. It can be behind the number that is more. The students will have to say 6 is more than 4 so Santa is behind the number 6 (or something to that nature). This will be an easy way to work on comparing numerals.

This brings so many laughs, cheers, and SMILES to their faces. Your kids will love using these. I teach it whole group until I’m confident that my students can play this in a small group independently.


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