Mystery Uppercase Letter Formation – See it. Write it


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Have students to visualize each path of motion for the 26 uppercase letters. Students will watch the crayon create an “invisible” letter. Students can use their whiteboard with a dry erase marker, device with writing app such as Doodle Buddy or paper to write what they see. The PowerPoint will then reveal the correct letter. Students can check what they wrote and correct it if needed. These PowerPoints allows your students to work at their own pace/


This resource focuses on uppercase letters only. They can work independently on laptops, computers or on iPads. All you need is the PowerPoint app on each device. My primary students love using paperless resources to become even more engaged in our daily learning. If you don’t have technology for your students to use this in a smaller setting, you can still use this resource whole group as I love to do. Sit back and assess your students as they try to figure out the mystery letter.

This set is also included in the Kindergarten See it. Write it. bundle as well as the First Grade See it. Write it. Bundle. All of my See it. Write it. resources are included in the Growing Bundle.

PLEASE NOTE: This particular See it Write it resource does NOT come with three different timings. It is only MANUAL and there is only one PowerPoint. This allows for the teacher to discuss the letter strokes as well as give students time to write it.


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