Math Intervention Bundle

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Math intervention is EASY with this ready for school resource. Your kindergarten sweeties will begin the year reinforcing the skills you’ve taught and have more success mastering them! The great thing about this set is that it is ALL in black/white. You do not need any color ink or toner and you SAVE money. Print on some pretty colored paper and you’re good to go!

Here’s what’s included:

Quick Match
match up numeral cards to dot cards and teddy bear cards.

Rocket Race
race to cover a given number on each mat

Tracer Racers
practice tracing numbers 0-5. There are six versions included.

Number Puzzles
Number puzzles to 5

Hide and Find
missing object game. Hide an object behind a number and have students to call out a number to try to find it. This is amazing with number recognition.

Ten Frames the Way
ten frame mats with different numbers. Students have to cover or circle numbers that are called out. 6 mats are included.

Spin it. Build it.
Spin a number and build it on a ten frame. Number and dot spinners included.

Hang Low
Students read a card and use chain links to build that number hanging from the card.

Count and Graph
Students will count and graph how many they have counted from picture mats.

Number Find
Find and cover a number bubble on a mat.

Let’s Count
Students count objects on a mat. Picture card provided to show them which objects to count.

Students play a game of compare up to 10.

Yummy Numbers
The number sandwich is broken! Students will sort the sandwich parts to match up each of the numbers.

Show Me
Teacher shows a number. Students produce that number on or off a ten frame.

Build it. Change it.
Give students a number to build on a ten frame using manipulative or the given pictures. Say a different number. Students will have to determine whether to add more or take some away to make the new number on their ten frame.

Counting Cups
You will need a set of cups or a small tub. Hide cubes inside of each cub. Students will figure out which cup has more/less.

One More, One Less
Students will make one more/one less on mats.

What am I?
Using a vertical number line, you will play a guessing game of what number you’re thinking.

Tracer Racers
Number tracing mats up to 10

Number Find
Mats with random numbers for students to find/cover.

Tracer Racers
Students practice tracing numbers 11-15

See it. Count it.
Students build a given number on a number mat with seasonal manipulatives or math manipulatives that you have.

Number Line Build
This game focuses on building sets along a horizontal number line.

Part-Part Whole Story Problems
Using a part-part whole mat, students will listen to a story problem and build the two parts on their mat. Then, they will write the whole number at the top of the mat. There are story problems included to help give you ideas.

Pick a Number
This game focuses on part-part whole while pulling a random set of 5 cubes from a cup.

Chugga Chugga Cube Train
Students will build their cube trains to five by coloring in the cube train with either crayons or two different colored dry erase markers if you laminate the cubes.

What Comes Next?
This game works with a vertical number line. Students will be shown a card with 2 numbers and a question mark. They have to figure out the missing number.

Biggest Winner
This game includes cards with two numbers. Students will circle either the bigger or smaller number.


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