Letter of the Week: Kindergarten Phonics Curriculum for Small Group


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Phonemic awareness for kindergarten is a necessary component for reading. Along with phonics, word work, small group plans and more – it is a daunting task to get it all planned and prepped. You will get everything you need with The Phonics Diner AND watch some amazing toothy grins as they learn to read.

Welcome to The Phonics Diner! The Phonics Diner was created by Angela Griffith from The Daily Alphabet and Keri Brown from Enchanted Kinder Garden. What’s The Phonics Diner you ask? It’s your one-stop shop for phonics and phonemic awareness instruction. In The Phonics Diner, you will find a yearlong curriculum with a focus on differentiating instruction for whole group and small group learners. In this resource, you will find a fun, diner themed curriculum. Our curriculum was designed to reach all ranges of learners that enter your classroom. We have based our Menu, the scope and sequence, on three learning paths. The Phonics Diner is a collection of rigorous, hands-on, and engaging activities for teaching your students each and every single day.

THE COMPLETE YEAR is included.

What am I purchasing right now??:
– The Menu (Scope & Sequence for 36 weeks which includes 5 weeks of review embedded)
– Getting Started File
– Alphabet Line (4 Versions (2 Lined/2 Unlined)
– Sound Chart (4 Versions – use these for Alphabet Buffet letter maps)
– Sound Sort Cards
– Alphabet Line
– Sound Chart Cards
– Keyword Cards (sounds included: short vowel, ending sounds, long vowel, l blends, r blends, digraphs)
– Word Family Keyword Cards (-ad, -ag, -am, -an, -ap, -ar, -at, -ed, -et, -id, -ig, -in, -ip, -it, -og, -op, -ot, -ub, -ug, -un)
– Yummy Word Cards (sight words) included in 2 sizes
– Parent Letter
– Binder Cover Printable
– Phonemic Awareness Skills Sheet
– ABC Small Group Poster Cards
– Word Building/Writing Mats
– Handwriting Cards
– Breakfast Club Lesson Plans
– Breakfast Club Weekly Nibble
– Breakfast Club Books
– Lunch Club Lesson Plans
– Lunch Club Weekly Nibble
– Lunch Club Books
– Dinner Club Lesson Plans
– Dinner Club Weekly Nibble
– Dinner Club Books
– Blending Cards for Weekly Nibble
– 3 Yearlong Differentiated Guided Small Group Lesson Plans (Monday – Thursday). These plans include:
– Phonemic Awareness routines
– Quick Routine Phonemic Awareness cards
– Phonics routines
– Word Awareness routines
– Letter Recognition & Letter Sound Awareness routines
– Writing Mats with word building
– Differentiated Connected Text
– Handwriting Practice
– Weekly Differentiated Skill Checks (For Friday)
– Decoding Strategy Posters
– CVC Sentences
– Reading Strips
– Word Chef game
– Word family word cards
– Word family picture cards
– Vowel Sound Strips
– Letter Reading Strips
– Blending Cards

Letter Progression: Mm, Aa, Ss, Tt, Hh, Pp, Review week, Oo, Dd, Ll, Nn, Cc, Review week, Rr, Ll, Kk, Bb, Ff, Review week, Gg, Ee, Qq, Jj, Vv, Uu, Review week, Ww, Xx, Yy, Zz, Short A Word Families, Short E Word Families, Short I Word Families, Review week, Short O Word Families, Short U Word Families.

  • Lunch Club also includes: Short Vowel Review, Digraphs (1 week), Blends (1 week), CVCE (1 week)
  • Dinner Club also includes: Word Families (5 weeks), Short vowel review mixed (5 weeks), Digraphs (2 weeks), L Blends (1 week), R blends (1 week), CVCE (2 weeks), Digraphs, Blends, Mixed CVCE

What does guided reading in kindergarten look like?

“Research has repeatedly shown that phonics instruction is best when it is systematic and explicit, rather than random and implicit.” – Wiley Blevins. With this thought in mind, we have created a curriculum that focuses on phonological awareness to help students better understand the alphabetic principle. Research has shown that the best indicators of early reading success is attributed to early letter recognition and phonemic awareness. Students should be able to recognize the alphabet in all forms (uppercase, lowercase, different fonts). Students should also recognize that each letter makes a sound and be able to connect the letter to its sound. This curriculum is created to lay the foundation for early reading success.

This resource is also bundled. You can grab the bundle here. You can grab the other individual sets here:
The Phonics Diner: The Alphabet Buffet
The Phonics Diner: Whole Group Instruction with 155 PowerPoints


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