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This cvc/short vowel bundle focuses solely on reading and sounding out cvc words. Students will identify the short vowel sound in words, write out cvc words, sort words by the short vowel sounds and more. This is a great resource to use during intervention later in the year when students still need more practice. This is also an amazing resource to use for beginning readers. To help your kids succeed and become strong readers, you have to begin with engaging and fun games.

The entire bundle includes 9 cvc and short vowel focused resources. You will get:
Just Clip it – CVC clip it cards are great for practicing reading a picture and finding the correct word to match. This also includes an answer key to print out or if you have available technology, use the QR to check answers.

Just Puzzled – Fun and engaging way to let your kids practice cvc words. I have included pictures that are cut apart. Each part of the puzzle includes a piece of the picture and one letter of the word.

Read it. Write it. – Do you have students able to sound out words, but need practice writing cvc words? For this resource, your students will become totally independent learners and workers. Grab a card and write up to 3 words with the provided pictures. Done? Then, switch with a friend and do a different one.

Just Puzzle it – I’ve included another version of a puzzle.This one includes the letters cut apart from the actual picture. Students will have to match three pieces to the correct picture.

Just Bag it – This game is also a great one to use to reinforce short vowels. Students will identify the short vowel in each of the words and then match it to the correct letter. I did include one picture (apple) that may be a bit difficult for them at first. The rest of the pictures all have the vowel in the middle of the word.

Roll it – This is a partner game. Students will use the included die or a die provided by you. Roll and move a counter/manipulative to a word. Students will have to read the word to stay on the space. The partner will read the word to make sure it is correct.

Just Say it – I always introduce this during small group. There is one mat provided for each vowel sound. Students have to find the picture that makes each vowel sound.

Just Write it – If your kiddlettes love write the room (or wreck the room as we call it) as much as mine, I’ve got the perfect one for CVC words. Each picture focuses on the cvc format. Have your kids find the picture around the room and write it on their recording sheet.

Just Spin it – Is it a real word or not? My kids LOVE to figure this out. All you need is to throw in a paper clip and have your kids go to town. They fill in the missing medial sound in each word and determine if it’s a real word or not. If it is, draw it. If not, there is something else for them to do. 🙂


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