Kindergarten Centers for the Year – ELA centers


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Low prep centers are all the rage in my classroom. I’ve created sets that continue throughout the year. This allows your students to quickly get to work without having to introduce them to a new game type every month. Kids love seasonal and themed ANYTHING! What better way to kept your kids engaged than to have a few set “constant” activities in your classroom? These easy to prep centers have the same directions each month. No more teaching ALL new games every time you’re ready to switch out centers.

What’s included right now?

October, November, December, January, February, Spring and a few non-themed center mats are included.

  • Game Board – A game board is included for students to practice words, sounds and letter names. You also game pieces for the kids to use included.
  • Roll, Trace, Read – Students will need a die to roll, trace the letter with a dry erase marker and read each letter as they trace. This is great for practicing letter fluency. It can also be used for sounds.
  • Spin and Cover – Students will need manipulatives to cover each letter that they spin. Using a brad or paper clip, create a spinner. After students spin, they should say the letter and then cover that letter on the mat.
  • Roll and Cover – Students will need a die and crayons. After rolling, match the roll to the number on the paper. Then, color that letter in on the recording sheet.
  • Match It – Students will use the card set to match uppercase and lowercase letters. In future set, students will match the letter to the beginning sound card, medial sound, final sound and other ELA skills.
  • Trace and Read – Students will need a dry erase marker to trace each letter as it is read.
  • Build it – These mats require many small objects such as mini erasers to build an uppercase/lowercase letter on the same mat. I tell my students to repeat the letter’s name or sound as they place each eraser down. Also included are sight words (2/page).
  • Find and Cover – Students will use a brad or paper clip to create a spinner. After spinning, students will use the correct color cubes (or other matching manipulative) to cover that letter.
  • Sneaky Pete – This is a class favorite every year! Place cards in a pocket chart. Hide Pete behind one of the cards. Kids have to guess the letter where Pete is hiding.
  • Spin and Write – Students will need a dry erase marker and brad or paper clip to create a spinner. After spinning, students will trace that letter. There are four letters and a place to write each letter with the best handwriting.
  • Write the Room – Seasonal and non-themed cards are included.
  • Build a Word – Use play dough or manipulatives to build words on a mat.
  • Syllable Count – Use cubes to show the number of syllables on a word mat.
  • Building Block Letters – Create the letters using building blocks. Then, use a dry erase marker to practice writing each letter. (lowercase & uppercase letters included)
  • Match It – These mats have pictures and letters on them. Students will use magnet letters, erasers or other manipulative to match the letter/sound. You could even have them to match lower to upper or vice versa.

What’s going to be included?

Themed/seasonal sets for March, April, May, June/July, August, September and additional non-themed sets will be added.

These are perfect for those students that don’t like change and can’t seem to handle too many pieces.


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