How Many More to 10? – St. Patrick’s Day – See it Write it



3 PowerPoints


Number sense in kindergarten is so essential. Quickly allow your students to practice making 10 with these easy, no prep PowerPoints. These work well for morning work, reviewing skills already taught or just for a fun break. Using numbers has never been so much fun! Your students will count with this themed interactive PowerPoint! We love our See it Write it time in my classroom as well as children across the world. It’s so easy that students can run it as you get ready for the day. Morning work? End of the day wrap-up? Crazy 10 minutes in your schedule? This resource will fit in almost any part of your day for your kids to practice. This PowerPoint allows your students to practice counting and finding how many more is needed to get 10 with a St. Patrick’s Day theme.

– the PowerPoint comes in 3 versions (automatic transitions, manual and one that stops on the answer)

– the PowerPoint will transition through an introduction and then into a set of objects followed by the answer

– the answer pauses to allow the students time to write on their whiteboard, writing app on a device or plain paper

– students can call out each answer as it appears

– dependent upon which PPT you use, it will either proceed to the next problem or wait for you to manually click it to the next

– the wait time is great to allow students to notice and correct an error. It is also a great time to talk about the correct answer

The slide will end when finished. You can leave this on your computer for them to work independently or with a partner during center time. All you have to do is teach them how to start the slideshow. This particular set is AWESOME to leave for morning work while you take attendance or if you have a trickling of students incoming. They can grab what they need to write and jump right in at anytime.

For Distance Learning, this resource now includes a video of the automatic PowerPoint. You can share the link with your students/parents in a CLOSED LMS setting. You cannot share this link with anyone outside your class, online or any other setting. If you have questions, please ask.


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