Force and Motion Activities Unit: Interactive Science Notebook


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I wanted to incorporate interactive notebooks in my kindergarten class and I’ve got the perfect way! I have created interactive themed notebooks to go along with many of the themes that all kindergarten teachers teach.


The sixth in this series is Force and Motion. This resource includes 14 activities to help your students show what they’re learning, write out their learning, and improve upon what they think they already know. I’ve included enough opportunities to cover at least a two week teaching period. I have made it very kinder friendly and made the pieces large enough for their little hands to cut. Every line that needs to be cut is a large dotted line to keep things simple. Black dotted lines are usually where we fold.

This unit includes a How-To page with every activity. This way, you will be able to see how and why I included each activity.


Journal Covers
– 7 covers to choose from

Science Tools Pocket
– Pocket to hold incomplete pieces

Force & Motion Vocabulary
– Push, Pull, Force, Motion, Gravity

Push & Pull Sort
– 2 ways included {pockets and labels}

KWL Flap
– Blank header to focus on current learning topic
– KWL Flap to jot down learning

Bubble Maps
– Pushes
– Pulls

Motion Word Sort {Pocket}
– Direction
– Speed
– Position

Flip Flaps for Push/Pull/Both
– 3 different types of flaps provided for push, pull, and/or both

Scavenger Hunt & Push/Pull Activity
– Students will look at the pictures and determine if the object can be pushed, pulled or both. The scavenger hunt sheet uses the objects on the sheet. These are all classroom items that should be easily located. You can use yarn or string for the rope picture.

– I’ve included a few experiments to get kids thinking and moving. You will need a straw for one of the experiments. Students will try to blow or move objects in the classroom and jot down their results.
– Which is easier to pull?
– Which is easier to push?
– Which is faster? (For this activity, you will need a small ramp or create a ramp from something that you already have in your classroom. You could easily sit a book up and use this as your ramp.)

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