Distance Learning in a Dash – Take Home Bags for Kindergarten



Keep the learning going at home with this distance learning in a bag resource. Create these take home learning bags for students to give for virtual learning or in the even that you have to go virtual. Bags will be ready to send home to students if you have to leave unexpectedly.

These individual bags can also be used at school to minimize sharing of materials. Students can keep their bags in their desk/cubby and get out the needed materials when the time arises. My student cards are laminated.

What’s included:

  • Bag labels
  • Uppercase letters
  • Lowercase letters
  • Alphabet pictures for beginning sounds
  • Yes/no card
  • Colors
  • 2D Shapes (with/without name)
  • 3D Shapes (with/without name)
  • Ten frames 0-20
  • Ten frames 0-10 for subitizing
  • Number cards to 20
  • Sight words (70 words included) – Editable PowerPoint file included
  • Emotion cards
  • 2 sets of counting animal cards

For my bags, each student will receive all of the items included. I’ve separated the cards in sandwich sized bags. I will add additional resources such as dice and mini erasers for counting.


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