Classroom Decor Watercolors Bundle – Labels, Alphabet Line, Calendar, Birthday

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Total Pages: 719 pages plus 15 Editable PowerPoints
File Size: 1184 MB


This watercolor classroom decor BUNDLE is just what you need to give your classroom that extra look of togetherness! The calm colors are inviting and perfect for any minimal look you’re looking for. Print and laminate most of these to achieve just the look that you need in your classroom. If you’re limited to space, I’ve provided a handy how-to to print multiple pages on one page. If you want to print 2/page, those are the perfect size for many of the items included. Grab some paper and your laminator and you’re ready to decorate! This bundle has OVER 700 pages plus 15 editable PowerPoints.

What is included in this Watercolors Classroom Decor Set?

▶ Alphabet Line (4 options)
▶ Number Line (2 options)
▶ 11 Color Posters
▶ 10 Shape Posters
▶ 3 Quotes in 2 color options
▶ Editable Rules Posters in 3 color options

▶ January – December Birthday Posters
▶ Happy Birthday! Banner with 2 Accent Color Banners
▶ Editable PowerPoint file to add pictures or names to Birthday Board
▶ Editable PowerPoint file to create your own banner

Labels & Teacher Binder Set:
▶ Teacher Binder Calendar in 2 options (Sunday – Saturday AND Monday-Friday)
▶ Editable Teacher Binder (dates are blank and need to be filled in)
▶ 79 Binder Covers plus 79 page Editable PowerPoint
▶ Editable Binder Spines in 3 designs
▶ 190 book bin, classroom supply & word wall letters in 4 designs
▶ 21 page Editable Word Wall, Book bin, Classroom supply labels
▶ Google License printable for passwords
▶ 39 page drawer, table, and bin labels (rectangles and circles)
▶ 23 page Editable PowerPoint with rectangle and circle labels
▶ 40 schedule cards in 3 designs
▶ Editable Schedule PowerPoint with 3 designs
▶ Nametags in multiples sizes and designs
▶ Editable Nametag PowerPoint
▶ 5 Circle Tables Signs (editable version in the labels PowerPoint)
▶ Teacher Toolbox Labels in 3 Designs
▶ Editable Teacher Toolbox PowerPoint in 3 Designs
▶ Happy Birthday! Banner with 2 Accent Color Banners
▶ Welcome! Banner
▶ Welcome Banner PowerPoint with 2 Accent Pages
▶ Word Wall Banner
▶ Word Wall Banners PowerPoint with 2 Accent Pages

▶ Digital Date Poster
▶ Day of the Week Poster
▶ Yesterday Was Poster
▶ Tomorrow will be Poster
▶ Days in School Poster
▶ Number Word Poster
▶ Number of the Day Poster
▶ Draw the Number Poster
▶ What’s the Weather Poster
▶ The Season Poster
▶ Before and After Poster
▶ Days of the Week Cards
▶ Months of the Year Cards
▶ Ten Frames for building the number OR days in school
▶ Number Cards for Days in school
▶ Calendar Number Cards
▶ Weather, Season and Temperature Cards

Classroom Jobs:
▶ Pre-made Classroom Jobs
▶ Editable Classroom Job Labels to create your own

Where Are We:
▶ Pre-made Place Cards
▶ Where Are We sign
▶ Editable Blank for add your own places and image

Meet the Teacher:
▶ Editable Meet the Teacher PowerPoint

Clip Chart:
▶ Colored Calendar Set
▶ B/W Calendar Set
▶ Blank Calendar Set
▶ Take home Clip Chart printable
▶ Clip Chart
▶ Editable Clip Chart Calendar

▶▶▶▶▶▶To edit the PowerPoint, you MUST have PowerPoint installed on your computer. You will have to use your own choice of font. Please make sure to open the PDFs with Adobe and not in your browser.


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