Classroom Decor – Alphabet Line, Number Line, Rules, Shapes, Colors and Quotes


Total Pages: 194
File Size: 70 MB


This watercolor classroom decor posters set is just what you need to give your classroom that extra look of togetherness! The calm colors are inviting. Print and laminate most of these to achieve just the look that you need in your classroom. If you’re limited to space, I’ve provided a handy how-to to print multiple pages on one page. If you want to print 2/page, those are the perfect size for the shapes and colors posters.

What is included in this classroom posters set?
▶ Alphabet Line (4 options)
▶ Number Line (2 options)
▶ 11 Color Posters
▶ 10 Shape Posters
▶ 3 Quotes in 2 color options
▶ Editable Rules Posters in 3 color options

The RULES are the only posters that come with an editable PowerPoint.
▶▶▶▶▶▶To edit the PowerPoint, you MUST have PowerPoint installed on your computer. You will have to use your own choice of font. Please make sure to open the PDFs with Adobe and not in your browser.


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