Chevron Classroom Decor: Alphabet/Number Line, Labels, Binder Covers


Total Pages: 316
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Super cute chevron kids for your classroom theme. This pack is OVER 300 pages! YES. 300 PAGES. It includes everything to get you set and started for the year! Print on cardstock, laminate for durability and adhere to your walls, desks, baskets, any other place. This colorful chevron set with the kids theme will add a boost of pop to any classroom. Signs cans be hung from the ceiling or posted up in the classroom.

The Alphabet and Number Line is a full size 8.5×11. The Number Line goes from 0 to 20 with ten frames at the bottom.

This set includes:
In this classroom…
Days of the week and coordinating cards
Months of the year
Calendar Cards or Class Number Cards
Classroom/Cubby Labels (Blanks)
Days in School Chart with Numbers
Weather Clip Chart
Birthday Months Posters
Bin Labels
Schedule Cards with Blanks and Clocks
Job Cards and Blanks
Nameplates (Lined and Unlined)
Clip Chart
Word Wall Header
Word Wall Letters (Circle and Square)
Word Wall Word Cards
Table/Group/Area Signs (1-6, Teacher, Others)
Build and Math Signs
A-Z Pennant Letters and Grades 1-6 ordinal numbers
Binder Covers
Alphabet and Number Line

An editable powerpoint file is included with the all the blank labels, binder covers, nameplates, and calendar cards. All you have to do is type in the text wanted.

**********This download is in a zip format.**********


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