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Beginning sound sort with a twist! This activity is holiday inspired from the original set. It comes with a really fun and engaging twist – a chant! I really want my students to excel when it comes to identifying initial sounds. We started doing sound sorts with these cards with a chant. I have my kids to say the chant and a child has to look through a selection (not many, 15 or less if I use two chant cards or 10 or less if I use one) of pictures. They have to find one card that begins the same as the card with the chant. We play this game every other day. I don’t want them to get too tired of it. However, they haven’t so far. We LOVE it!

We check to make sure the picture that was chosen matches the criteria. Does it make that sound? What sound does that letter make? Tell your neighbor. Tell your shoes. This gives us extra practice making the sounds, plus it’s an easy activity that they just LOVE and ask to play. It takes us under 6 minutes to do two cards since we’ve gotten the routine down.

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