Beginning of Kindergarten Kickstart Kit

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beginning of kindergarten

Introducing our Kindergarten Kickstart Kit designed specifically for the first month of school! With this all-inclusive kit, you’ll have everything you need to engage and educate your kindergarten students while making the learning process exciting and memorable. Your beginning of kindergarten activities are all here!

Book Companions:
We’ve carefully selected four captivating books that align perfectly with the curriculum for the first month of school. Each book comes with a set of meticulously crafted resources to enhance the learning experience. Our thoughtfully designed lesson plans provide step-by-step instructions, making it easy for educators to guide their students through meaningful discussions and activities.

Books (not included):

Kevin Knows the Rules

What I Like About Me

The Recess Queen

The Little School Bus


Anchor Chart Pieces:
To create an interactive and visually appealing learning environment, we’ve included anchor chart pieces for each book. These colorful and informative charts help reinforce key concepts, vocabulary, and story elements, making comprehension and retention a breeze.

Student Response Sheets:
Foster active participation and critical thinking with our student response sheets. These worksheets are tailored to each book and encourage students to reflect on their reading experience, express their thoughts, and develop essential literacy skills.

Assessment and Crafts:
To assess your students’ understanding and progress, we’ve included assessments for each book, providing valuable insights into their comprehension and language development. Additionally, our craft activities add a creative touch to the learning process, allowing students to express their imagination and reinforce the concepts learned.

26-Day Letter Introduction:
Kickstart your students’ journey into literacy with our comprehensive 26-day letter introduction program. This engaging curriculum includes 26 letter books, each focusing on a specific letter of the alphabet. Alongside the books, we provide letter handwriting strips and tactile cards to help students develop fine motor skills and tactile recognition.

Alphabet Line:
Creating an immersive learning environment is key to early literacy success. Our alphabet line features vibrant cards that display each letter, enabling students to visualize and reinforce letter recognition.

Pre- and Post-Assessment:
Measure your students’ progress and growth with our pre- and post-assessments. By evaluating their letter recognition and phonics skills before and after the letter introduction program, you can track individual and collective development.

This bundle is perfect for the beginning of kindergarten to take away some of your to-do lists and have your lessons planned for you.


What am I purchasing right now?:

– Alphabet Buffet (26 days of Alphabet introduction instruction) lesson plans
– The Phonics Diner Hat
– Alphabet Buffet Appetizer (pre-assessment/post-assessment which also includes numbers, shapes, colors)
– 26 Tactile Letter Mats
– 33 Tactile Letter Ideas
– 26 Alpha-snack Exit Tickets
– Alphabet Books (26 Books in all)
– Alphabet Line (4 Versions (2 Lined/2 Unlined)
– Sound Chart (4 Versions – use these for Alphabet Buffet letter maps/circle maps)
– Parent Letter
– Binder Cover Printable

Focus Skill/Theme and Book:
Kevin Knows the Rules – Character, Setting, Author/Illustrator and School Rules
What I Like About Me – Same/Different, Author/Illustrator, Character, Setting, All About Me
The Little School Bus – Rhyming, Setting, Characters, Concepts of Print, Retelling
The Recess Queen – Characters, Setting, Kindness, School Rules

What’s included:

  • Lesson Plans for each book
  • Appetizer Photo (Introduces theme and topic)
  • Vocabulary
  • Student Response Pages for each book
  • Kindergarten friendly craft for each book
  • Anchor Sort pictures (if applicable)
  • Anchor Chart Headers
  • Skill Assessment for the Story


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