Arctic Animals


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All About the Arctic provides resources to help you introduce and keep your arctic unit exciting. This resource will help you easily integrate your literacy with science. Your students will be able to learn about 18 Arctic animals, retain the information, and record the learnings.

This resource includes a nonfiction book about the Arctic and the animals. This book is included as a separate PowerPoint and is also included in the PDF. The PowerPoint can easily be moved around in the order in which you would like to introduce each animal.

As a request, I’ve included SIX readers. The featured animals are narwhals, lemming, arctic fox, beluga whale, crabeater seal, and the walrus.

It also includes multiple graphic organizers so you may differentiate for your learners. You have KWL headers to guide your learning as you read books on the Arctic. The real photographs of each animal may be used to assess your student’s learning or simply to remind them on each animal. Students love being able to pick up and use these cards in their writing.

This resource includes the following animals:
Arctic hare
Arctic fox
Arctic wolf
Short-tailed Weasel
Polar bear
Beluga Whale
Northern Fur Seal
Harp Seal
Snowy Owl
Snow Goose
Crabeater Seal

This packet is great to help with your anchor charts, extending your guided reading lessons, whole group introduction to the Arctic, and so much MORE!

Please download the preview to see what is included in this HUGE packet!


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