Alphabet Interactive Notebook: Sound Sort, Letter Matching, Word Work


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The ultimate alphabet notebook for your kindergarten or pre-k kiddos! This notebook focuses on each letter of the alphabet with attention to beginning sounds. This resource is a total hands-on approach to learning the alphabet and can be easily differentiated to meet the needs of your little learners.

Every letter included has the same set of activities for repetition. Your students will be able to use this notebook for the entire year as a source of reference. Teach them how to refer back to their notebook when writing and learning the alphabet will be a breeze.

I Can statements are included for most of the activities.


Bucket of Letters – Have a bucket of words for every letter with pictures.
Am I? – Sort pictures to determine which matches the letter of focus
Rainbow Words – Practice writing each letter correctly through rainbow writing
Picture/Word Sort – Sort words and pictures for the letter focus.
Letter Riddles – Every letter has riddle. Read the riddle to your students and have them to write the correct letter, draw a picture, or write a word under the secret door.
Letter Circle Map – Sort letters/pictures into a circle map
Letter is for – Build a sentence and practice reading it with the letter focus and pictures for that letter.
Spin & Write – All you need is a paper clip to turn your notebook into a world of spinners. 2 choices provided
Letter Crossword – fill in the correct letters on this jumbled letter crossword

Each activity has an example photo of what it should look like to take all of the guessing out of the way. These activities can be done over a course of a week or more. You can easily pick and choose which activities to do as you introduce the letters. If some kids still need extra practice, come back to a letter that you’ve already introduced.

Check out the PREVIEW for a closer look at all the activities that are included. Excuse that brown background… it was the only color that would reduce the file size. 🙂

**** Please note that X uses x-ray, xylophone, fox and box.

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