Addition to 20 Interactive PowerPoint Math Center – Click Click Go!


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Click Click Go! features an interactive PowerPoint. These PowerPoints allow your students to work at their own pace with clickable slides. Each answer will either make a ding for the correct answer or a dong for the incorrect answer. They will be able to click on the correct answer before clicking next to the following slide. This set also include a check mark for correct answers and an X for incorrect answers.

This resource focuses on addition problems within 20. You will be able to show students how to complete this whole group by projecting it on your board. They can work independently on laptops, computers or on iPads. All you need is the PowerPoint app/program on each device. My primary students love using paperless resources to become even more engaged in our daily learning. If you don’t have 1:1 technology for your students yet, you can still use this resource by projecting it on your board.

This set includes 100 slides.


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