99 ways to write a positive note home

Do you get tired of writing, “Kate had a great day today.” That gets old fast, right? A positive note takes thinking. As primary teachers, we know the power of positive reinforcement and communication with parents. As one of a child’s first teachers, it is essential that we show appreciation for their hard work and effort to reinforce good behavior in our classrooms. Writing notes home to parents and guardians is an important part of being a primary teacher. It’s a way to connect with families and keep them informed about the academic and social progress of their children. As such, it’s important that these notes are positive in nature. Here are 99 ways you can write a positive note home for primary teachers.


are amazing.

are wonderful.

belong here.

brightened our day.

are a rockstar!

are a great listener.

are the best.

are a wonderful friend.

Write a positive note to the child

The positive note can be written for the parent, but it’s even better if it’s written for the child. Start with the word you when writing your notes. These can make students feel like you are actually rooting for them and encouraging them to be better students every single day. These notes are like mini bucket fillers. They will fill a child’s heart with goodness and happiness knowing you noticed something small that they did that day. Even better, when a child has had a rough day and they still get a note for that one time they tried, it helps. The student will be able to see the focus is on the positives even if you had to correct them a few times during the day.

positive notes

I am…

so happy you’re in our class.

thrilled to have you here.

amazed at how much patience you have.

positive communication notes

Simple ways to just say they rock

You make a difference here.

Good thinking!


You helped ___ out a lot today!

You’re getting better.

You are so funny!

You are becoming a math wizard!

You’re rocking at reading.

Hip! Hip! Hooray!

One Positive Note a Day

On top of writing out these messages in Seesaw to parents or in their agendas, I send home at least one positive note a day to a student. I try to do more than one, but make sure to do ONE every single day. I print off a bunch of these premade notes, cut them, and stick them in this little foldable plastic envelope. Then, after I see someone doing something that is deserving of a note, I grab one. Write out a note and stick it in their binders or in their mailbox for them to pack later.

The notes help parents to see that I can write more than notes when their child isn’t doing their best. It helps them to see that I am looking for the positives as well. For the students, once they see that you send notes home, they start wondering who will be getting the note for that day. These little notes are way more motivating than I ever thought they would be.

parent notes

Positive Notes Home

Writing positive notes home helps build relationships between teachers, parents, and guardians while also encouraging the success of each individual student. There are lots of different ways you can express positivity toward students depending on what behaviors you want to emphasize. We hope that this list gives primary teachers plenty of ideas for writing positive notes home to help foster strong connections between school and home life. Good luck!

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