Oriental Trading makes classroom donations EASY!

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So I have to be honest with you and tell you that I didn’t realize that you could share a wish list. UM, yes! So I did a little browsing through Oriental Trading over the summer. They have SO many things that I want and knew my firsties would LOVE. I created a wish list which was EXTREMELY easy and then narrowed down what I would get from there. Everything else is still on the wish list for me to share with friends, family and parents during Meet the Teacher. Here’s my wishlist to get a preview of what everyone will see.

Oriental Trading sent me these goodies to show you all in exchange for writing this post. I’ve linked to each of them for easy access.

I have wanted timers for the kids to time themselves reading since forever. I finally have some. I love that these came in different time increments and is big enough so we don’t forget what each of the colors mean.

Yep. I have a ten frame stamp. This one I LOVE! WHY? I love that the handle is nice and long. There isn’t a reason to get ink all over tiny hands… even though I know it will happen. 

It also stamps very well. I only pushed down hard on the top one. I didn’t reink it either. To me, that’s a good stamp. The ideas for this are pages long. My first thought was making ten. Kids could work on addition problems with making ten. If they pull a number. Place that many dots or color in that many, then they can finish the problem to make ten. This could also be used twice to make twenty and to work on those pesky teen numbers.
I bought these live photo stickers to put in our writing area. The students will be able to choose some stickers. I haven’t decided what the limit is, but I used two. Then, write a story. It came with different rolls of stickers. Some were ocean animals, dogs, cats, zoo animals and so on.

How easy would this be for students that have a hard time thinking of something to write about? They could be inspired by a sticker! I think we may have a Sticker Story day as well when everyone chooses stickers to write about. I love reading stories that they make up.

How amazing is that sticker? There could be some awesome conversation made from these stickers. The students wouldn’t realize that they’re writing and would just have some FUN.

I also snagged these chalkboard clothespins. LOVE! *insert heart eyes* They are so cute! I already had some chalk markers and used those. I messed up one… or two or three and it wiped away easily with a paper towel and water. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to clean it with, but that’s what I’ve always done on chalkboards.

I can’t decide if I want to use them for my focus wall, BRAVO board or for student work. I think I may get some more and use them for all three. They are such a cute idea! I got the idea for the Coming Soon from Theresa at True Life I’m a Teacher.

Use any of the links above to take you to Oriental Trading to create your wish list. Then, you should see a SHARE button on the right side of the screen when you are viewing your completed wish list. Share it with whomever you’d like. It’s that EASY.

If you have some awesome finds, tag Oriental Trading on your social media so your friends can create a list as well. I am going to add my wish list link to my parent information and share it in a few days for Meet the Teacher night. Hopefully, I get some things purchased. Have fun shopping!

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