My Classroom Reveal!!

The time is here to reveal my classroom! It’s really not much, but it’s what I like to call my “other home.” I’m here more than I’m at home, it seems. Ready for a photo overload? Here you are in 5…4…3…2…1!

I’m linking up with Angie and Ashley for 2GETHERWEAREBETTER, and Blog Hoppin’ is having a Classroom Tour link up.


This is a view from my seat (standing up) at my table.
This is what you see from the door.


To the right of the door is our Math Workshop BUILD area. I’ve used name sticks for two years now and still love it. I simply added photos this year.






Here the other view of the front door and the BUILD area. The purple stand is our sensory bin.


Next to that is our library. I will add any of our writing to the boards such as our vocabulary cards to help us spell.






This is my birthday area, to which I still need to add names.


All of my kids either share a tub or have one by themselves. We don’t have a seat assigned, so this is where I keep all of their things that would have been in their desk.





Here’s a tip for when you don’t have a ladder: Don’t stack things up to stand on them. You fall. I fell trying to add those letters up there, which is why they got stuck that way.









Here’s a close-up of our word wall that is wordless right now.






This is before we added our necklaces. I thought it would be easier to keep them like this.


That’s it! Photo dump done!

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  1. Keri – Your room looks great!!!! I love the "Writers Gonna Write" board!! So cute! Your purple sensory bin table is adorable!! I have never used "Brag Tags" with my students, but I feel like I need to look into them because seems like a lot of teachers use them! Thanks so much for sharing your classroom with us!

    ~Heather 🙂
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