kickstart kindergarten with confidence

Kindergarten teachers, are you dreading back to season because of the endless to-do lists?

You know how each year you forget the chaos that is back to school time? Yeah. We lock those memories away, too.

Do you want to avoid:

Having a never-ending to-do list that just keeps growing each day.

Spending hours searching for activities and ideas do during the first month of school.

Coming up with lesson plans and they’re not what you’re really doing in the classroom.


Does this sound like you?

  • Feeling overwhelmed with planning engaging and literacy sessions for your kindergarten class?
  • Struggling to find a comprehensive back-to-school resource that combines literacy, fun, and interactive learning in one bundle?
  • Frustrated with the limited availability of interactive read-aloud materials specifically tailored to the unique needs of kindergarteners during the back-to-school period?
  • Needing to keep your students motivated and excited during literacy lessons?
  • Tired of the lack of resources that align with the science of reading approach?

Let’s face it

Preparing for back-to-school can be exhausting with the amount of planning needed.

I know how this feels all too well.

After years of struggling with curriculum that didn’t quite fit my classroom, I teamed up with my colleague Angela Griffith from The Daily Alphabet. We discussed the frustration of the material moving too fast or too slow, or simply not being a good fit at all. Finally, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create something that would work.

We identified gaps in the Phonics curriculums we used and decided to create a yearlong interactive read-aloud series and phonics curriculum to fill them. And so, The Phonics Diner and The Literacy Diner were born. All we wanted was an ideal teaching resource that made sense for our students.

Seeing fellow educators stuck in a similar predicament left us exhausted. However, it also motivated us to find ways to support them in cultivating their students’ growth. After experimenting with both sets, the results spoke for themselves: our students flourished beyond expectations.

are you ready to kick the frustration to the curb?

Can you imagine heading back to school and you already know which books you’re going to read the entire first month. You have all the lesson plans, crafts, activities and assessments to go with each book. You also have your first 26 days of letter introduction planned and ready to go. You have every activity to go with these as well.

beginning of kindergarten

This starter kit is designed for kindergarten teachers who wish to streamline their activities and lesson plans, allowing them to channel their time and energy toward their students. 

The back to school Literacy Diner includes your read aloud lessons for 4 weeks. It is your go to for all your read aloud needs.

The Phonics Diner back to school kickstarter kit includes your first 26 days all planned for you. 

WHat’s included?

✓ Alphabet Buffet (26 days of alphabet instruction) lesson plans

✓ Pre- and post-assessment which includes colors, shapes and numbers

✓ 26 Tactile Letter mats (33 ideas included)

✓ Alphabet books (26 included)

✓ Alphabet line (4 versions (2 lined/2 unlined)

✓ Sound chart (4 versions – use there for letter maps/circle maps)

✓ Parent letter

✓ Binder cover

✓ Phonics Diner hat

✓ Lesson Plans for 4 books

✓ Appetizer Photo (introduces theme and topic)

✓ Vocabulary for each book (pictures included)

✓ Student response pages

✓ Kindergarten friendly craft for each book

✓ Anchor chart headers

✓ Sorting pictures (if applicable)

✓ Skill assessment

Books not included: Kevin Knows the Rules, The Recess Queen, What I Like About Me, The Little School Bus


The phonics diner: 1st 26 days

the literacy diner: 1st 4 weeks


what other teachers had to say about these:

Thanks for a great resource! This is perfect for an introduction to letters and even a review for kiddos that need some extra practice with letters.

Alison S.

take a peek inside the 1st 26 days of the phonics diner

You deserve an easier start to the school year.

Check out the Kindergarten Kickstart kit here

Don’t waste your valuable time with another chaotic beginning to the year. Let’s make a change and start off on the right foot!

Yes, it’s something else to add to your plans – BUT the plans are done for you.

  • 4 weeks of read aloud lesson plans
  • Vocabulary pictures and definitions included
  • Intro to theme and topic picture
  • Student response sheets
  • Interactive notebook pieces
  • Craft for each book
  • Anchor chart pieces
  • Sorting pieces
  • Assessments
  • … and more!

Get it all prepped and planned before the back-to-school season even starts.

  • 26 letter books
  • Tactile letters sheets
  • 26 letter lesson plans
  • Circle map anchor chart
  • Student hat
  • Binder cover for plans
  • Alphabet line
  • Daily handwriting sheets
  • Pre-assessment
  • Post-assessment
  • … and more!

Get ready to celebrate having your literacy plans done for the FIRST MONTH!

Your future self will thank you for being prepared, prepped and organized for the first week AND the first month of school.

Prep your FIRST month now.