Kindergarten Graduation Letter

Grab these free editable graduation or celebration letters! You can use these as an announcement or as the invitation. Copy on some bright paper and you're done! Simple to edit text and cute graphics makes for a great end of the year!

Hey friends! I posted a picture of me writing my letter to parents and guardians about our kindergarten celebration in a few weeks. I’m sharing an editable letter with you as well as an idea of what you could say.


If you’re in need of a quick and editable parent letter, here’s your choice of some easy ones. There is clipart already added with some wording on the side. This is a PPT download. Just edit the text and go. I even left our letter in there (after we changed a few of the words) for you to look at for an idea.

If you’re looking for some certificates for graduation, I have some editable ones for you! Check them out here. If you’re even looking at the post, know that you only have a FEW more weeks.

If you really want to be fancy, you should try Paperless Post.
They are amazing! I’m going to be sending these to grandparents and parents that live far away through email addresses. It’s SO easy to use and can be personalized. I created this example to show you what I’m sending.
When the recipient opens their email, they’ll see this card below. How cute will it be for grandparents, distant relatives, and friends to still experience the kindergartener’s first major accomplishment. They can also send you a message of thanks. I LOVE this idea. Check out Paperless Post to see all of the designs.

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  1. Oh wow, these are truly very nice Kindergarten Graduation Letters. Thanks a lot for sharing these here. I have my own Phoenix kindergarten and all this would be great for its graduation celebrations. Keep sharing such stuff!

  2. Very sweet letter. Kindergarten is a magical grade where students begin to develop their love for learning. They learn how to work with others, how to read basic words, and how school works. Here are some Kindergarten Graduation Gifts would inspiring students have become more commonplace and teachers are tasked with coming up with creative ways to celebrate the day.

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