will you be teaching kindergarten?

Kindergarten teachers, are you dreading back to school season because of the endless to-do lists?

Back-to-school chaos - we all know the feeling, year after year. But let's face it, who wants to remember that? We'd much rather lock those memories away and move on!

Would you like to prevent:

Having a never-ending to-do list that just keeps growing each day.

Spending hours searching for activities and ideas do during the first month of school.

Every weekend is consumed by cutting and laminating centers.

Are you able to relate to this?

  • Struggling to plan engaging literacy centers for your kindergarten class?
  • Struggling to find a comprehensive back-to-school resource that combines literacy, fun, and interactive learning in one bundle?
  • Tired of spending every weekend making math and literacy centers as you introduce new skills?
  • Unsure what to do for math intervention?
  • Not sure what to use for the first week of kindergarten?

The reality is...

As school restarts, the preparation phase can be overwhelming, requiring exhaustive planning.

I am all too familiar with this feeling.

For years, I spent my summer break at school resetting my classroom for the new year. I didn’t ever take a mental break from school. During the school year, I stayed late after school to catch up on things. I spent my weekends printing off new activities, laminating and cutting them.

Rinse and repeat.

No breaks.

It was exhausting. I had my family even helping me at times to get things created for my students. Did I love doing new and exciting things? Yes. Was it worth it to spend all my time doing this? No.

There had to be a better way. That’s when I started using centers and ideas that my students could rinse and repeat. The ideas were similar. I could get it all prepped for the year in just a few days. Then, I just pulled out what I needed throughout the year.

No more long weekends or late evenings at school.

are you ready to kick the frustration to the curb?

Imagine going back to school and having your math, writing, and literacy centers sorted for the entire year—sounds like a dream come true, doesn't it?

This starter kit is designed for kindergarten teachers who wish to streamline their activities and lesson plans, allowing them to channel their time and energy toward their students. 

Your centers can be printed, laminated, cut and sorted all before you even think about back to school. The start of a new year will be a lot less work.

As you get your classroom ready, add your writing area with pieces from your brand new writing center. There are words for every month plus other themed sets are included to swap in and out.

WHat's included?


  • Game Board – A game board is included for students to practice words, sounds, and letter names. You also have game pieces for the kids to use included.
  • Roll, Trace, Read – Students will need a die to roll, trace the letter with a dry erase marker and read each letter as they trace. This is great for practicing letter fluency. It can also be used for sounds.
  • Spin and Cover – Students will need manipulatives to cover each letter that they spin. Using a brad or paper clip, create a spinner. After students spin, they should say the letter and then cover that letter on the mat.
  • Roll and Cover – Students will need a die and crayons. After rolling, match the roll to the number on the paper. Then, color that letter in on the recording sheet.
  • Trace and Read – Students will need a dry erase marker to trace each letter as it is read.
  • Build it – These mats require many small objects such as mini erasers to build an uppercase/lowercase letter on the same mat. I tell my students to repeat the letter’s name or sound as they place each eraser down. Also included are sight words (2/page).
  • Find and Cover – Students will use a brad or paper clip to create a spinner. After spinning, students will use the correct color cubes (or other matching manipulative) to cover that letter.
  • Sneaky Pete – This is a class favorite every year! Place cards in a pocket chart. Hide Pete behind one of the cards. Kids have to guess the letter where Pete is hiding.
  • Spin and Write – Students will need a dry erase marker and brad or paper clip to create a spinner. After spinning, students will trace that letter. There are four letters and a place to write each letter with the best handwriting.
  • Write the Room – Seasonal and non-themed cards are included.
  • Build a Word – Use play dough or manipulatives to build words on a mat.
  • Syllable Count – Use cubes to show the number of syllables on a word mat.
  • Building Block Letters – Create the letters using building blocks. Then, use a dry erase marker to practice writing each letter. (lowercase & uppercase letters included)
  • Match It – These mats have pictures and letters on them. Students will use magnet letters, erasers or other manipulative to match the letter/sound. You could even have them to match lower to upper or vice versa.


Word lists included (color/bw and in 2 versions):

school, apple, fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter, February, March, Spring, Summer, Antarctic, baby, baking, cooking, famous African Americans, camping, carnival, bug, cloud, community workers, vacation, water, weather, zoo


8 writing templates are included

Posters included:

Writing Clip chart

Writing goals

Writing checklist

I Can Practice Spelling (utensils that can be used to practice spelling)

Think. Say. Write.

I Can Write About…

I Can Write a…

Alphabet Line (black background and white background versions)


What’s included in this bundle?

  • Clip it Task Cards – 19 sets
  • Addition Task Cards – addition to 10
  • Subtraction Task Cards – subtraction within 10
  • Making 10 Task Cards – 12 sets
  • Roll it Task Cards
  • Build it Task Cards – 3 sets
  • Counting Task Cards – 8 sets
  • Tracing Task Cards – numbers to 10
  • Cover it Task Cards – 12 sets
  • Make it Task Cards – 4 sets 
  • Covers for each set


What’s included?

First Day hats/necklaces (K/Pre-K/TK versions)

First Day Homework (3 versions)

First Day Memory Book Sheets

My Handwriting (June – July with lined and unlined name area)

Favorite Thing About my First Day of K

My Handprint (Pre-K/K/TK version)

Coloring Sheets

Tracing Pages (lines)

Cutting Pages (lines)

Age Graph Header (ages 4-6)

Center Games:

Alphabuses (match uppercase to lowercase) with 6 recording sheets

Sound Smash (smash down playdoh when you’ve found a picture to match the letter/could be played without playdoh)

Rhyme Time (match the pictures)

Playdoh Mats (Alphabet & Numbers to 20 – two versions)

Number Mania (count and clip game)

PB Ten Frame Sandwich (Match the number to the correct ten frame; up to 20)

Bubble Blower (Count objects and match to number. Recording sheet included)

Count & Color Mats (3 versions with a recording sheet)

Literacy centers for the year

math task cards

task cards for math

first week of school activities

writing center

what other teachers had to say about these:

I absolutely love all of Keri's products. They are always high quality, kid friendly products. I just opened this file and I was blown away! This writing product is truly amazing! It is jammed packed with so many amazing resources! I highly recommend it!
Joy S.


Beginning Sound Sort Pocket Chart Activity

Match it Mats

1st 30 Days of School Checklist

Sticks and Curves Sorting Letter Mats

You deserve an easier start to the school year.

Don't waste your valuable time with another chaotic beginning to the year. Let's make a change and start off on the right foot!

Yes, it's something else to add to your plans - BUT the plans are done for you.

  • Math task cards easily store in photo boxes
  • Literacy centers can be prepped and pulled when needed
  • Writing center journals will house your student writing papers
  • Beginning sound sort is perfect for a whole group activity that turns into an independent center
  • Beginning of school centers include tracing and cutting sheets, letter and number building mats, 1st day hat and more!

Get it all prepped and planned before the back-to-school season even starts.

Over 1,100+ pages included to get you ready for the school year


Spend a few days this summer getting your year sorted and organized. You will THANK yourself for being prepared and ready.


It’s the best thing I ever did for myself.


Get ready to celebrate getting prepped for kindergarten!

Your future self will thank you for being prepared, prepped and organized as a kindergarten teacher this year.