Is it really September?

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I feel like the last 3 weeks have been a TOTAL whirlwind. I am exhausted mentally. On top of that, I am SICK!!!!! UGH. However, the absolutely wonderful news is that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my class. They are the sweetest children. This has not given my heart the okay to be nice however lol. I’m still what I consider to be a mean/stern/won’t let them get away with anything teacher. They are seriously the best group I have EVER had and I hope it continues that way.

I forgot to say that I linked up with Where the Magic Happens. My featured products are 50%. I’ll keep them this way until Sunday night since I forgot to post this information ANYWHERE lol.

Now, here’s a few pics of what we’ve been up to.








My class won the Ice Bucket Challenge and one of my sweeties from last year dumped me FIRST and then I got a much larger, much colder bucket dumped on me. Fun times.

Now for what I’ve been working on. I’ve finished up the update for my Ultimate Calendar Pack and couldn’t be MORE excited. I really love doing this every single day with my kids. It helps reinforce counting, tracking, and just setting in a routine for them. Here’s a glimpse at what’s new. If you already own this pack, head on over and re-download it. It will be half off until Monday night for anyone interested in it. 😉

I thought this would be super easy to have up on my smartboard each morning and have them quickly say each letter, the sound, and the picture’s name. Then, we will move on to colors. I have SO many that seriously don’t know any letters, let alone their names. I’m hoping this repetition each day will get them into some sort of learning groove. I pray it does.



I added Windy per request.


 There is blank months and traceable months.
This will be two sided with numbers up to twenty. We will practice saying and touching each number every day by starting on the star. When we are ready for counting backwards this will be be able to be used. I also like to say a number and have them touch it to see who knows certain numbers. This will also be used during math workshop rotations when I pull groups. I have a few extras made for my groups.


I also finished up my Colors Interactive Notebook. WHOO-HOO!!! This is my 100th product to hit TPT. This is quite possibly my favorite series of resources that I have done so far. I’m so stoked about all that I have planned for this pack. It will soon be offered as an expanding bundle as I continue to add to it. These will be half off until Monday night as well.



This week, we’ll be starting our two week focus on Community. I’ll also be starting interactive notebooks and journals. AHHHH!!!!! I’ve got their INBs all ready. Monday will be a LONG day of new things and I think it’ll keep me from getting bored with what we’ve been doing. I’m ready for a routine to set in place. GAH. I love the beginning of school, but when our schedule finally gets the kinks worked out and we get in a routine – I am the happiest.



We’ve spent three weeks working on read to self and this group has not passed 5-6 minutes, but it’s time to move on. We’ll start learning the ins and outs of word work. Here’s a peek at my week and what we’ll be working on.

With word work, I use numbered buckets to let them choose between. I will offer sight word books and building a friend’s name which we have already done. I also will be introducing stamps, magnets, and building words with play doh. These are all pretty easy to manage so I don’t think it will be too much for them to hand this week. Eeekkkk or I sure hope it won’t.

For math, I am breaking out Hadar’s Cooking Up a Great Year Math and Lit Centers. I absolutely LOVE these. I’m only going to use the math portion this week since I really want to focus more on Daily 5 for reading. I want them to learn this week how to record their information on sheets so I’ll be pulling groups and introducing games during math workshop time. I seriously love this set. Last year, I used most of it with my kiddos and they loved it.

I plan to be back this week with how our INB and journals are turning out. Hopefully, they will be good. Have a great week everyone!

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