I’m going to I Teach K!!!!!!! sneak at our week

I am SUPER excited that my principal agreed to PAY for us to go to I Teach K! I’ve wanted to go since I’ve started teaching and have been told NO every single year. One of my kindergarten buds planned to go with me, but she has a crazy summer schedule and can’t go. Are any of you going? Solo? If you are LET ME KNOW! I think it may be a good thing to go alone because then I’ll get all out of my shell and have to talk to other people.

I also am super excited that I have TWO days left until spring break. I can taste the freedom almost. Back to business – here’s what we’ve been up to this week. I love all the Easter math things that I have for them this week. My kids are REALLY loving this.

Ten Frame matching


Bunny Up: Addition Matching Game


Full of Air: Sight Word Scramble


Word Family Mats {a part of Spring has Sprung}


I made eggs so they could match the number to either the picture or the number word. I made them mismatched, so the matches are different colors.


Switch ‘N Fix {a part of Spring has Sprung}
They pick a card. Read the picture. Read the word and figure out which sound is incorrect. Students will then write the correct letter in the matching box and color in which sound was changed. This was a HIT today for some reason with one of my little boys. He kept running over to me when he figured out the wrong letter.


Write the Room Spring edition


Word Mania – cvc and cvce word puzzles
LOVE THIS GAME! This may be my favorite. They open up an egg, read the sentence, and try to make ten using the chicks.


And randomly, our greenhouses that we started about 2 weeks ago all looked pretty crappy except for this one. HOW PRETTY! My beans in a bag usually grow really nicely. This year was another level of disappointment. I told them we would plant some after spring break in a cup with soil.
Hope you all have a LOVELY rest of your week. Do you follow me on TPT and here on Bloglovin’? Later this month, I have a goodie that I CANNOT wait to share.
Saw anything you liked? All the pictures can from these below.

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