How to add magnetic lamination to your printables

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The ezLaminator is one of my favorites new classroom “things” this school year. I did a Donor’s Choose earlier at the start of the year for it with a few other things. What is an ezLaminator? It’s a cold laminator that is super quiet to laminate. It has zero odors and laminates with a quick little turn. If you’d like to read the specifics on it, you can find the Xyron Ezlaminator on Amazon.

The Ezlaminator comes with an interchangeable laminating cartridge inside. It takes about 20 seconds to change cartridges after you figure out how to do it. I printed off some number formations to go with my Math Intervention sets. My kids trace the numbers with a dry erase marker. They erase really well with a black marker which is fantastic. A magnetic laminating cartridge is also available. That’s the magic of this laminator. I switched the normal laminator out for the magnetic cartridge and decided to also laminate some of the number formations. 
I was gifted with about 20 cookie sheets so my kids are able to have a very small magnetic area to work on. I used the built-in cutter to cut the sheet. Then, I cut out each of the cards. They place one of the numbers on a cookie sheet and write away. The magnetic part makes it a lot heavier than just laminating. It would be fine to print on regular copy paper and then use the magnetic lamination. I tried on cardstock as well and liked both just fine.
I printed off our sight words and laminated them on magnetic lamination as well. They use these during word work to practice building their words on a cookie sheet with magnetic letters.
I also printed off a few sets of letters and letter patterns to use during small group. AMAZING idea.

 The cookie sheet does get scratched up from the magnetic part, but they stay and don’t fall off at all. If they pick up each of the letters and don’t slide them, it doesn’t scratch it.

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