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Hey friends!

I’m dropping in really quickly because the first day of school is tomorrow. I’ve promised a few people on FB, IG and over on the Elementary Entourage’s blog that I would post these goodies.

I’ve been setting up my classroom and posting an image or two here and there and people have asked for a few things.

My word wall letters are my absolute favorite thing right now! They are simply ADORABLE. They are a remake of something I made two years ago. I updated the kidlettes and none of them repeat each other. How cute are they? ADORBS!

My calendar area is a work in progress. This is some of what’s currently up. I’m sure it will shift and change as the year goes on, but this is what I’ve got so far. The months are cut off in the picture, but they’re exactly like the days of the week.

If you like what you see, you can click below to download the word wall letters, calendar files and the book bin labels. or CLICK HERE to grab them.  The book bin labels also include a blank editable file. If you don’t have time to download, PIN it and save for later.
Please NOTE, this download will NOT receive ANY changes. I make this specifically for my classroom and not to sell. The colors will not be changed, I will not add anything to any of it. 🙂

Pre-Kindergarten – 1st Grade Classroom Tools

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these adorable resources. i really appreciate your kindness and talents. i am moving back to kindergarten so this is perfect.

  2. These are AMAZING! I really like the word wall cards I have now but I think I may have to use this you've made instead! All of it these things are great!!!!

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