Five For Friday and a FUNNY!

OH-EM-GEEZUS this week has just about run me ragged. I’m pretty sure I am NOT the only one feeling this way. Is it the 19th yet? That’s when we get out. Thank goodness for that Friday off for whatever reason. However, we’re back WITH kids on the 2nd. Booooooo…. anyhoo on to this hectic and crazy week. I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.

This week and month for that matter, I decided to read a Christmas book everyday and skip the stories that came with our reading series. So far I’ve read 9 books. I missed Thursday of this week I think. We’ve read Santasaurus, Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight, Who’ll Pull Santa’s Sleigh Tonight, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell, The Very Snowy Christmas, Russell’s Christmas Magic,  Santa is Coming to Alabama… and I can’t find the other one lol.


I wasn’t impressed with the Santa is Coming to Alabama book – not for kinders in my opinion.

This week during our Lit centers we worked on syllables, beginning sounds, ending sounds, rhymes, sight words, middle sounds, writing the room… and the norms during our Daily 5. Here is a bit of what we did this week. These are all from my Santa Needs a Vacation pack.
 Sorting pictures by medial sounds


Practicing writing snappy (sight) words



 CVC word mats


Sorting words by syllables. I keep all of my things in little zip baggies like this. Clean up is so much quicker and easier. And I rarely have lost pieces. 
 Beginning Sounds
Ending Sounds
We had our Christmas program last night that was PACKED to the max! It was literally standing room only before it even started. Crazy.


 Our elf Rio (and visiting elf Roxy) had pure plans for us this week! So much FUN! Funny thing is they took most of last week OFF. My kids were not on their very best behavior and I didn’t think they deserved to see the elves for a while. Meanie teacher over here. So when they finally returned, we saw such a FUN disaster and treats left in their table cubbies.






The tree above was blurry, but here’s what it really looks like.


And here’s some randoms that I just love from this week. I love my new boots from Shoe Dazzle and the leggings I got from Very Jane. LOVE!
I love what my Secret Santa got me on our first day. Today was the color red and I LOVE FUZZY and cute socks! LOVE!


Sad that I’ll be taking down my door next week. I seriously love this door!
I found these at Paper Source last month and have used them in some things they’ve sorted. CUTENESS.
And KOBE IS BACK! Just had to say that hehehehe…
Last – a funny for the week. I usually don’t notice things in the room until everyone is gone. So as I cleaned some things up this afternoon I found THESE just like this hanging on one of the bookbag tubs in the restroom. Really? Who? Why? When? and WHY????????


Hope you all survive through another week! And if you read this ENTIRE thing – leave me your email in a comment below with one item you’d like from my store. 🙂

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