Extreme Makeover: Classroom Edition


Whoo hoo!!! It’s that time. My classroom reveal is up and it’s more of an EXTREME makeover from last year. Primary Gal is hosting a linky of classroom makeovers and I’ve linked up with her.


Here’s a few pictures of what my room looked like for 2013-2014:






And here’s what I’ve transformed it into…

I painted my room green and a much darker blue than what was on my window wall.









This will be my birthdays. I’ll add their birthdays underneath each month.



This will hold my Kidlette of the day. I got the idea from the Teacher’s Pet of the day… I think this came from A Teeny Tiny Teacher (I THINK!)





I absolutely LOVE my word wall because of the streamer border. LOVE IT. I sewed three colors together and it made the ruffles.










I haven’t had time to change my labels out for my books. This is STILL on my to do list along with 500 other things. They are made and printed. I just haven’t had time to cut them out and modge podge them on.






This is the rest of my calendar area. We won’t start this until mid September. Right now, we’ve been working on our calendar binders.





























So our principal ordered these zip pouches with the hangers. One of the other teachers suggested that we put our kids’ headphones in them. They are GREAT to hang in a crate.






























Most of the printable decor can be found in my store.

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