End of the Year Gifts

In need of some quick and easy end of the year student gifts? I’ve got you covered. I went to one of my favorite places, Target, and racked up some goodies.

I found some really cute ideas that were really inexpensive. I grabbed a set of mazes, yo-yos, and SCENTED play dough. I didn’t make a tag for the dough. I also had leftover bubbles from earlier in the year.

These tags go great with some bubbles! I have found sets of 12 in Walmart and a similar set in Target.
All you need is to print the tags, grab some double sided tape and a write your name. Easy!


These mazes are really cute and simple. If any of your kids like puzzles, this would be great for them. I spent a good while playing with this one, before I started taping them down. I also used double-sided tape to adhere them.


Seriously! The best little gift for little fingers. These are so much fun. I love that I have time to teach them how to use them after I give them their end of the year bags along with the rest of their things.
Just download here:


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  1. My son met many good friends and will continue stay in touch with them. The staff at Phoenix pre-k was very kind and attentive and having a son with asthma, I always felt that he was in good hands.

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