Easy School Supply Shopping in 3, 2, 1!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walmart.

Walmart is sometimes my guilty pleasure. School supply addict here.  I absolutely LOVE shopping for school supplies, smelling new crayons, taking new scissors out of the package and just everything about NEW supplies. For parents, I’m not too sure they have the same excitement that teachers do.

Here’s how you create a way for your parents to shop making it easier, more affordable and convenient. Walmart has the PERFECT solution for an easier experience. Teachers asking for three yellow folders are no longer an issue.

Go here and create your account. Select your school by typing the zip code should easily find your school.

If your school lists have already been uploaded like my school has, click your grade level. If it hasn’t, upload your classroom supply list.

Here’s where the AMAZING part comes in. You can share your Walmart link to your supply list with parents. If you send welcome to school postcards, this is PERFECT to give parents time to shop.

You can tell parents they can find and shop your list here: https://www.walmart.com/lists/back-to-school or through the Walmart app. This is also perfect for Meet the Teacher night. You’ll also save some copies without printing the supply list over and over. This link is all you need to get them started!


Once they go to the link, they’ll enter their zip code, find their school and BOOM! Everything from the list is there. Then, they’ll just click on Find Items and they can add to their cart the brand of choice for each item. HOW SIMPLE IS THAT?


I love online shopping. Don’t you think your parents will love this option as well? It is AMAZING. My parents literally walked in my classroom with boxes that were shipped to their homes from Walmart. They said it was the easiest they’ve ever shopped. Bonus, I got everything on my list from those parents that shopped that way.

Back-to-school shopping at Walmart is easier than ever before now!

  • Families can use the Walmart app, online or shop in store. So many options to suit families at their own convenience.
  • Families that use the app or shop online can choose the pick up at store location or have it shipped to their home.
  • Families can save money by shopping at Walmart.

I’d love to hear how you use Walmart to create an easier and more manageable shopping experience for your parents!

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