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Excited is an understatement with how much fun your students are going to have. Have you ever wanted to do something amazing with your students? You find an idea and it’s super EXPENSIVE. Well, I have a FREE idea that will be so much fun in the classroom and perfect for your students.

Create published authors in your primary classroom. Say whaaatt? YES! Your kindergarten, first grade, second grade students can become a published author. Here’s how in FIVE easy steps.


Step 1

Head over to Studentreasures to get your FREE publishing kit. Choose the type of kit that you want (paper style or online kit). Everything that you need is inside of the box. You’ll receive an envelope for payments, parent order forms, sample book, teacher guide to get started and publishing kit with writing templates.

Step 2

Choose your topic. I have a ZILLION ideas running through my head on what we can make. One random idea that I got was ways to make different numbers. We are working on number bonds (composing and decomposing numbers) and this would be PERFECT for right now. However, they have SO many ideas online on Studentreasures that I want to make multiple books.

An alphabet book would be so easy for us to do since that’s been our focus all year long.

A Wild Animal book would be fun since our next field trip is to the zoo.

I also thought about What I Want to Be When I Grow Up… how amazing would that be. Parents would keep that book forever and they’d be able to look back on what they wanted to be when they were in kindergarten (or the grade you teach).

Step 3

Once you’ve chosen a topic, students will write and illustrate their designated pages. The kit is very organized and reminds you on the page which pages go together. The last time I made a book with Studentreasures, we did a practice run through before writing and illustrating on the actual paper. My kids changed their mind a couple of times on what they wanted to do and it allowed them to have the creative freedom to change.

Step 4

Share with your students’ parents that you are creating a book. This is the time to HYPE it up. If you use a digital portfolio, create a blog where you share pictures or talk to parents – share pictures as you’re creating the book. Parents will feel like they’ve been down the author creating process like they were in the classroom.

THEY WILL WANT TO BUY THE BOOK. Studentreasures provides all of the parent information that you need to send home.

Step 5

Once you’ve gotten your parent letters back, written and illustrated your book, it’s time to SHIP it back for publishing. That’s it. You will now have an ENTIRE class of published primary students. How amazing is that??

I’d love to know what ideas you’ve come up with on what TYPES of books we can create in the primary grades. Let me know in the comments.


This post was sponsored by Studentreasures.

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