Blast of the week: Weather

I am SUPER excited about teaching weather this week. Here’s a rundown of our week ahead. I have a few freebies here and there in this post as well.
BUILD Math Workshops:
I teach through AMSTI, but I pretty much do what I want as long as I’m covering that standard and what we need to practice on.
B – Weather Bump Dice in Dice



U – Count by 10’s Weather
I – Math Journals (addition)
L – Teen Number (spin to make a teen or twenty)

D – Addition Story Problems

We do daily 5 so I never really plan on anything new here other than our Word Work buckets. We always do Read to Self, Writing (journals), Technology (ABCmouse, Farfaria, or whatever else I allow them to get on during the week on their iPad), and Listening.

This week in our Word Work buckets they will have an L blend sort, Weather Watcher Words, and Short Vowel sort. The short vowel sort is something that I took from a set I’m still working on… it should be done in a day or two, but it was not made for sorts… I just really liked the cards… 🙂

To grab the L blend sort and the Weather Watcher Words click each.



We also always have write the room available through iPads. They have to open the app Doodle Buddy and they can write any words in the room. I love this option because they don’t waste paper. I’m a cheapo sometimes. They can write any words from our word wall, any themed anchor charts or our reading anchor charts that are up.
We are covering a full blown weather unit this week. I’ll be teaching R blends as well as reviewing short vowel sounds. Our sight words this week are what, was, and said.

I made a little reader to go with weather. I’ll post it tomorrow. I didn’t think to offer it today as well. Last week, my kids did an amazing job on L blends so I am looking forward to this week.


I’m using my Interactive Social Science Notebook to help us manage and write out our learning.
We focused on what weather is and discussed a meteorologist. This was extremely easy to flow through because our readers were on weather.

– Tools to measure weather anchor chart
– Tools in our science journal
– Sort fall weather clothing in our journal
– Make a rain gauge

This comes from my Seasons and Weather INB. You can click the picture to take you there to see what all we will be working on. The preview has a TON of examples.

– Spring weather clothing sort
– Rainy craft (This comes from my Weather People craftivity)
– Rainy anchor chart
– if we have time, how to make rain (shaving cream, water, and food coloring – thanks to Mr. Greg for the idea)

– Summer weather clothing sort
– Sunny craft
– sun anchor chart

– winter weather clothing sort
– Snowy craft
– Snowy anchor chart
– If I were a meteorologist? (tv craft)

That’s pretty much our week in a quick BLAST. I will be back tomorrow to drop that weather emergent reader by!

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