Blast at the past: Last week

I am about to blog. Wait, I AM blogging.

Is it hard for anyone else to carve out time to blog?

This year has seriously FLOWN by. I love my sweet kids so much this year. I really DO not want to see them go.

Yes. I am already thinking about the end before it’s near. I really love them so much! I didn’t realize how blessed I was until I thought about my class from last year. *shudders*

Anyhoo I wanted to drop in and show what we’ve been up to.

Word Families
This week, we’ve been focusing on -ip words. I finally decided that they were ready for the word search so I broke it out during small group. We just very quickly learned how to find each of the words.

They were so amazing at it.





We started this FINALLY this week. I’ve had it up without the cards. I love this. It’s super quick and easy to go through 6 skills. This covers beginning and ending sounds, syllables, number of words in a sentence, rhyming words, and phonemes.

I printed them two to a sheet to fit the area on my board where I wanted it to fit. It takes us less than 2 minutes to hit all of these skills.

Dental Health
We read a wonderful story this week for Dental Health. It was called Wibble Wobble. I really loved this book. It was full of fun for the kids.

After, we made a list of healthy and not so healthy foods.

We’ve also wrapped up our short vowel weeks. Next week, we’ll be working on blends. My kids decided we needed to make a chart just for short vowels. So we did.

That’s it. Our week in a quick blast.

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